This week’s Bird interview with Kiran Gandhi has really got me thinking. We talked about this need our generation has to keep changing (our careers, where we live, our partners…) and how our access to information informs us of what’s out there waiting for us to discover, to do, to be...

Years ago I had a very clear goal; to live in New York City. That goal took me half way around the world, through various cities, various jobs, gathering amazing friends and experiences along the way, and eventually to the moment I had spent my whole life preparing for. Now New York has come and gone and I’m left with vague goals, hazy ideas of things I might like to do one day, and a feeling that I’m wasting time.

So in this state of the unknown (an exciting and scary place to be) I find myself overwhelmed by the inundation of information pouring in through social media, the news, instant messenger, email, Spotify, billboards, Facebook memories... and wish for a moment of peace to gather my thoughts.

I do appreciate our instant access to information, and I do believe it can be a great motivator in showing us the possibilities of what's out there. But perhaps there’s something to be said for the “old” days when we were forced to create something from within ourselves and seek out the information we needed to make it come to life. The days of radio silence when you were so bored you could do nothing else but sit and stare at a wall.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this (clearly) but I think I’m trying to distinguish between what it is that I want, what makes me happy, and what I feel pressure to do thanks to this bombardment of information on my feed everyday.

I think I’m going to go sit and stare at a wall.

On a lighter note, happy Thanksgiving everyone!

- M