As I process the thought of looking at Trump's face for the next four years I reflect on the time leading up to this moment. There's so much going on in the world right now that I cannot comprehend but when I see my friends, family, colleagues and strangers come together with such passion and love for a better future my heart fills with hope.

A day will come that will make us proud to be here, and proud of the efforts we put forth to get there. This is just the beginning of that path so let's keep moving forward.

And keep this song in mind as we do.

- M

Today I feel so many things ... foolish, naive, sad, angry and tired. I woke up yesterday with so much hope, confident that we would be electing the first female president. Photos of friends and strangers proudly voting filled social media feeds.

By 11pm EST I was exhausted after starting the evening with such excitement, believing I would be witnessing history in the making. As much as I tried to stay awake I feel asleep to the increasingly horrifying polling news, but still had a sliver of hope in my heart and mind. Surely things would be OK, she would pull through.

To wake up this morning to the news of Trumps “victory” broke my heart ... as a human, a woman, and as an immigrant. To realize the amount of unrest, hate, misogyny, racism and anger that exists in this country is frightening and feels incredibly bleak. How did I not see this? However, alongside this sadness and fear comes a commitment to bring about change, to join together and to show the world that hate will not win. We must learn from this very hard lesson. Be sad today, and tomorrow let’s work together to figure out the next steps. We cannot back down.

- S