Hello friends!

Magdalena here (the taller half of Bird). Welcome to our first blog entry! The blog will be a place for us to share inspiration, our thoughts on whatever tickles our fancy, and other bits and pieces we hope you enjoy.

I wanted to start by taking a moment to reflect on our most recent Bird endeavor; our very first live event, Congrats On Your Failure. And by doing so I hope to inspire you to make something happen that’s been collecting dust on your to-do list.

Firstly a HUGE thank you to everyone who came last Wednesday and made the event possible, our wonderful speakers, Maker City LA, and of course my Bird partner-in-crime, Steph.

Congrats On Your Failure was a side side project for ours this year. Along with our day jobs and the time we take each week to interview, post, and promote our regular Bird of the Week segment, we decided to take on yet another thing.

We have so many ideas for things we want to do with Bird, but like most things they keep getting added to lists and enthusiastic conversations that never seem to go anywhere. When my communications director at Huge, Lindsay Stuart-Doig, approached me about doing a live Bird event it was the kick in the butt we needed to actually get started.

Neither one of us had ever put on an event. We didn’t even know what kind of event it would be. Would it be a big one? A little one? A successful one? And most importantly, would there be alcohol there (there wasn’t)?

I’ll spare you the details around the logistics of putting on an event (feel free to reach out if you have questions) because the reason I’m writing this is to say we did it! And it was successful! And people came. And they enjoyed it. And they want to know when the next one is. And you know what? This is something you can do too!

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do and haven’t done yet? Why haven’t you done it? Are you afraid of failing? Don’t know where to begin?

A little backstory about Bird. We started Bird because we wanted to. We were bored and spent too many (wonderful) hours sitting in Central Park (intoxicated) and complaining about the lack of shit that was happening in our lives. And I mean meaningful shit. Something that we could plant a flag on and call “ours” and be able to say, “We did that.”

So we came up with this idea of asking women how they were doing things. How did they start that business? How did they get a visa to be a burlesque dancer? Or why did they keep painting when no one wanted to show their work? Basically, how were people living life successfully and fulfilled, and how could we jump on the bandwagon?

Two years later we’ve interviewed over 90 women, seen the inside of many beautiful homes, drank countless glasses of sauvignon blancs, put on a live event (!!), and we can’t wait to see what’s next…! But all this to say, none of it would have ever happened if we didn’t get our shit together and just go for it.

I want to leave you with a little nugget of inspiration from the one and only Dave Grohl. If you’ve never watched Dave’s keynote speech at SXSW you should do it right now. I’ll wait for you… did you watch it? It’s good, right? Well, besides being the best person in the world he says something in his speech that has always stuck with me; no one’s going to do anything for you. You have to do it yourself.

So peel yourself off the couch, crank up Don’t Stop Believin’, and write that email, make that call, write that business plan... Just one little step is going to be the start of something.

Let us know how you took your first step!

Fanks for reading.



Congrats On Your Failure (l-r): Kippy Miller, Holly Schlesigner, Ann Friedman, Sarita Bhatt.

Congrats On Your Failure (l-r): Kippy Miller, Holly Schlesigner, Ann Friedman, Sarita Bhatt.