Rachael Feinman

Experience Designer, New York

The Women's March on Washington is gearing up to be a truly historical day. We wanted to check in with New York Bird Rachael Feinman about why she's marching this Saturday. 

Why are you going to the Women’s March? 
I have been asked this question a few times now and I have realized that while attending a rally where a couple hundred thousand people are expected to attend is incredibly outside of my comfort zone, I am going because it is important. Donald Trump has been suppressing minorities throughout his entire campaign and he needs to see that his words and actions cannot and will not be normalized. I want to showcase that we are fighting for equality for all and I also want to reassure young adults and children that standing up for what you believe in can create change. A wise friend recently told me - your voice is the most powerful thing you have.

How do you think this election has changed the conversation around women’s issues in America?
Women's issues in America has always been relevant - Gender wage gap, Sex Trafficking, Reproductive Rights, Paid Parental Leave are just a few of the primary topics that we have begun making progress in. Fighting for women's issues is nothing new however, we need to now fight twice as hard as these issues may no longer be prioritized. We need to know our worth in the workplace and to not be afraid to ask for more. We need to ensure that establishments such as Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights are able to maintain a support system for women. We can do this by not only donating but educating others about the extensive offerings and crucial need for these organizations. We need to keep fighting.