I feel like everywhere I turn I’m being told to “follow my passion.” “If you’re not waking up every day and knowing that you love your job then you’re doing something wrong.” Sound familiar? 

I think it’s baloney. Sure we all want to be happy and feel fulfilled but happiness is not conditional. It is within us and it’s our decision to make it happen (as hard as it may feel sometimes). I’m not saying stick with a job that sucks, where you’re undervalued, and you aren’t learning anything. I’m just saying take a moment to really think about what’s bothering you, can things be improved where you are? Or is changing your environment the right thing to do?

Take every situation, job, moment, as a learning experience. Collect this knowledge and keep moving forward. The knowledge might feel fragmented at first but pay attention to the strengths you’ve gathered and in time you’ll figure out how the pieces fit together. Then, once you have those pieces you can apply them to something that brings out the best in you. It might take you ten years to get there but being “unhappy” in a job is your first signal to dig in a little deeper…

And it’s OK to not be following "your passion.” Life is too complicated to be distilled into one irrational feeling.

- M

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