My other Bird half Magdalena sent me this article earlier in the week. It’s been out for a couple of years but after reading it for the first time I really connected to it. As a creative person with many a vision for what I want in my life I'm constantly consuming articles about people who have become successful in their endeavors … in other words people who have followed their passions. I know I’m not alone here but that can feel overwhelming. Am I just not passionate enough? 

Adams makes a case for success growing passion, not the other way around. He’s certainly not suggesting you head off and start doing something you hate but instead try various avenues and ideas and learn from this trial and error to grow more successful ideas. This does make sense … “have a system instead of a goal.” 

I know I feel excited and work harder when something I’m doing is going well. The concept of a system seems to be a more attainable stepping stone. It’s an interesting concept to wrap your head around, and it’s almost the polar opposite of what you read about when people talk about their creative success stories. It’s definitely food for thought.

- S