A bird is a woman with a certain spark. Shy or full of swagger, she’s the kind of woman you want to know better the more you talk to her.

Every week, we feature interviews with fascinating women from all walks of life, who work and thrive in the cities they’ve chosen to call home. We go deep with women forging their own paths forward—those who are just starting out, those who’ve made their mark, and those who’ve zigzagged to redefine what’s possible for themselves. Bird is about creating community through diversity, showcasing stories of real women doing really cool things and inspiring us along the way.

Bird was created in 2014 by two Australian ex-pats, graphic designer Magdalena Wielopolski and photographer Stephanie Geddes. Our vision was born out of a shared obsession with what it takes to live in New York, and the desire to find out how other women are doing the same. Bird has now evolved to capture the lives of women across the country.





The team behind Bird

Stephanie Geddes Co-Founder, NYC

Stephanie Geddes
Co-Founder, NYC

Magdalena Wielopolski Co-Founder, LA Photo credit: Elissa James

Magdalena Wielopolski
Co-Founder, LA
Photo credit: Elissa James

Anna Balkrishna Editor-at-large

Anna Balkrishna

Matt Murray Photographer

Matt Murray